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Symbolism of the Colors

When the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club began, the Idaho Chapter of the Western region submitted the logo center patch design that was eventually selected by a vote of the national membership to represent the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club. The colors were designed to represent the history and heritage of the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club, and to represent the spirit and heart of the membership.

The logo symbol consists of a knight’s helmet and winged breastplate behind a shield with crossed Scottish Claymore swords. On the shield is the Iron Warriors coat of arms, consisting of a wild boar’s head emerging from the American flag. This coat of arms reflects the history of our original association with the Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club, and our common ancestry with those other motorcycle clubs that emerged from the Wild Pigs. The emblems of knighthood and the colors in the logo symbolize honor, valor, and the warrior spirit.

The lettering on our upper and lower rockers is red and white. The red symbolizes the blood of warriors, current and passed, shed in service. The white symbolizes the purity and sacred pledge of each member’s common oath to serve others, even at one’s own peril. Within the shield there is a red and blue cross. These colors represent the thin red and blue lines of fire and police holding firm against all threats. The cross represents our common Judeo-Christian Heritage.

Together these colors and symbols represent those few firefighters and law enforcement officers found worthy, and chosen, to be known as Iron Warriors.